Specially Sponsored by Kingjoy - Holland Photographic Competition, Motherland under My Lens

The theme of this competition is: Motherland under My Lens
Specially sponsored by international famous brand of Photographic Equipment, Kingjoy and held under the auspices of De Rooij Photography, this competition is an environmental friendly activity in which you can show Holland under your eyes. Welcome to join us! Let’s capture the best view of our motherland together.

Your hometown looks much better than you think. The beauty of nature is just around you. Take the challenge, take a photo of Holland, showing what does our country look like in your eyes.

Upload your photo to the link below(2 photos for 2 categories at most for one individual), then you will get the chance to win a big prize. Before you start, please read the related information carefully.

Competition Schedule:
Disclosure date:start from May 30th,2021
Submitted date:start from July 1st,2021
Closing date:August 31th, 2021
Publication date:10 days from September 1st,2021 to September 10th
After the result announcement being issued, prizes and certificates would be send to the winners within 30 working days!( Prizes will be distributed randomly with equivalent value according to the inventory situation)

Anyone who follow the rules below can take part in the competition:
1.Your photos must be taken between June 1stand August 31th, 2021.
2.Be sure the photo is your own work.
3.De Rooij Photography is not responsible for any infringe of your rights.
4.Upload your photo to the right category (province).
5.You can upload to 2 categories at most.
6.You will be excluded from the participation if more than one photos are uploaded to one category.
7.You will be excluded from the participation if photos are uploaded to more than 2 categories.
8.You are allowed to use techniques such as HDR photography, exposure blending and focus stacking etc. except photo composition.
9.Copyright of the photos shall remain with the photographers. De Rooij Photography is given the right to publish those photos, but only for the promotion of this competition.
10.Judges, employees and photography teachers of De Rooij Photography are excluded from the competition.
11.The outcome will be send to the winner through email.
12.No discussion of the outcome is permitted.
13.Participating in this competition means that you accept all the rules and provisions of the competition.
For more information, please visit:

Prize for the competition:
The first prize: Kingjoy Solid Rock C83+T30X tripod
Kingjoy Solid Rock C83+T30X tripod
Kingjoy Solid Rock, as the name suggests, is a perfect tripod for adventurous photographer shooting at challenging spots. It is made from solid aluminum frame with layers of carbon fiber, providing a max load of 25kg. With changeable foot nails, its legs can sink deep into to the ground to achieve a great stability. Also, with level bubble and 360°ball head, the tripod can give you a stable and perfect shooting experience.

The second prize: Kingjoy Aurora A83+T21 tripod
Kingjoy Aurora A83+T21 tripod
Kingjoy A38+T21, a carbon fiber tripod,holds the feature of small, stable and durable. It provides a great flexibility for photographer. It’s suitable for macrophotography and can achieve shooting from a height of 180 to 1681 mm. As for the 36mm tripod head, it can not only be twisted smoothly when shooting but also be fixed tightly with an extra reinforced fitting. Furthermore, a quick-release plate is also contained, giving you a more convenient using experience. All in all, it is a ideal tripod for all photographers.


The third prize: Kingjoy K1208+QH10 tripod
Kingjoy K1208+QH10 tripod
Kingjoy K1208, a carbon fiber tripod, with a weight of only 1.35kg and a folded height of 43cm, is very portable. Though light the tripod body is, it can be used for slow shutter with the support of its reinforced legs. To achieve a stronger stability, you can hang extra loads on its central axis. To sum up, Kinjony K1208 is an almighty tripod that you can never missing.

The organizer of this competition is De Rooij Photography, a training center for photography and photo editing, owning more than 5000 students each year. Every one who loves photography can find interesting workshops provided by professional photographers here. For more information, please visit the website:


The organizer of this competition reserves the right for final interpretation.