Everyone is a photographer!

Kingjoy has manufactured photographic equipment since 2004, making photography support systems for some of the world's best known brands for more than a decade, like GoPro, Sony, Nikon, Gittos, B&H, Hama, Adorama to name just a few. Kingjoy also has amazon shops, alibaba, ebay, wish, global warehouse...

Kingjoy aims at helping photography beginners, photography lovers and professional photographers record their life! Let's take part in our topics #kingjoytripods and #kingjoyglobal on Instagram and TikTok!

You could look for any photographic equipments from basic tripods to professional tripods, even slider, dolly, ring lights, phone holders, selfie sticks, umbrella with a tripod, and so on.

What ever you want, please let us know! OEM and ODM options are available!

Our New Factory & Office

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How to join Kingjoy's affiliate program?
  • Step 1.Create a dedicated affiliate account at this link
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  • Step 3. Copy the coupon code (usually your name) and send it to your audience.
  • Step 4. If you wanna create a dedicated affiliate link for a specific product, just come to “Marketing Tools”, and paste product page link.
  • Step 5. You can feel free to customize your own URL referral code at “Settings”. (e.g. https://kingjoyofficial.com/Carol)
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