The 23rd P&I Exhibition in Shanghai, Waiting for You with Our New Tripod Series of Haiyue

The 23rd Shanghai International Photographic Equipment and Digital Image Exhibition (P&I SHANGHAI 2021 for short) had a grand opening at May 1st hall of National Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) in July 7th. In this exhibition, with the idea of  “Leap to the new, seize the opportunity”, we want to keep pace with the times and search for a deeper innovation, so as to strive for a win-win result in the area of culture and economy.

As a professional brand and strength manufacturer of photographic equipment in China, KINGJOY owns its own brand. It also has cooperation experience with many internationally famous brands, mature and perfect manufacturing technology and management system. After years of innovation and development, KINGJOY has now become a composite photographic equipment enterprise, integrating design, development, production and sales all together.

KINGJOY has been working hard and persisting in reform and innovation for its 16 years of steeping in the industry. In this exhibition, our company will join hands with MEIPIAN, preparing rich and diversified online and offline interaction for industry colleagues and enthusiasts of imaging industry, and creating an opportunity to discuss the new trends, new ideas and new development of imaging industry! At the same time, we will also show our innovative strength and comprehensive business level to people all over the world. With the help of this exhibition, our company hope to expand new resources, extend global market, and create a strategy of blue ocean.

As an international brand, KINGJOY has a rich product line. Its category covers photo equipment, video equipment, live stream equipment, fill-in light, panoramic head, handheld head and so on.

The brand strength and influence of KINGJOY among the world also rises constantly. This time KINGJOY appears in P&I SHANGHAI 2021 with new products of C series, adding attraction to the whole exhibition.

Launch of new product

In this exhibition, our new products, the series of Haiyue take the core place of exhibition area. Haiyue series is a tripod series designed for professional photographers in different application scenarios, which is divided into various sizes, including large, medium, small and micro. This series has professional telephoto bird tripod C86/C85, Haiyue cross-border product C83, light but professional travel tripod C82/C81, as well as featherweight mini tripod C80. Among all these, we have to mention one outstanding and successful product, that is C83, the winner of Hualong award in Beijing P & E, 2021.

C83 + T30X professional 4-section carbon fiber photography tripod, takes you to the sea and mountains and enjoy a light travel. Precisely processed with CNC, 10 layers of carbon fiber made foot tube, suitable for professional SLR ,micro single camera and wide angle + telephoto lens, it is a real essential for professional travel photography!

Camouflage gunfighter series:

Domineering in shape, hidden in color, camouflage in appearance, serves like a stealth sniper. Large load-bearing, low angle of view, professional performance, long exposure preferred.


On-site class

Famous photographer, Wu Wei, gave a professional class and shared his experience.

On-site interaction

The fashion show of model, shining and lovely.


A corner of the exhibition

Through this exhibition, our company demonstrated the strong strength and the internationally recognized leading technology to trades and professions. In the future, we will continue to ride the wind and waves, devote ourselves to research and innovation, give customers the products with the highest quality, and lead the industry forward with new technology, contributing to the advancement of photography industry!